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Отель Морской / Coffee-breaks


Coffee-breaks is a break for coffee or simply a short rest in the middle of a day that is filled with events and meetings. It is well known that having a fresh cup of coffee is a proven and justed way to have some rest. While you are enjoying the aroma of heavenlike drink it is possible to discuss several important matters.

Above all do not forget to ask to serve coffee accompanied by a glass of cold water to set off the taste, and a special coffee baking – it will help to gain maximum benefits from brain-storm over cups of hot coffee.

If your working day passes outside the office somewhere, let me say, on a conference that is of importance for your company, you may invite your colleagues to have a coffee-break – bracing drink will help to be absorbed in the discussion of the problems with doubled enthusiasm. By the way, it is much easier to meet right people having a cup of aromatic coffee. Just coffee-break that was arranged in time, thanks to ancient as the world and uncomprehending charm of coffee, is able to influence favorably on the result of the important for your company negotiations. Managers of the hotel and restaurant “City time” worked out universal receipt for those who strive for achievement of success during negotiations or finding the way to move from the dead point the project that was stuck on the half way. It is simple- make a break, have rest, make a pause and try excellent coffee.

Most likely resolution of all the difficulties will be the result of your negotiations. The stuff of the hotel “Morskoy” will deliver all the necessary things for genuinely oriental coffee ceremony.

Welcome any time!