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Отель Морской / Sightseeing excursion

Sightseeing excursion

 Duration: 3 h.

You will visit the historical places of city, will visit a beautiful city park the name of Shevchenko, where an age-old fortress wall is located, will see and able to be missed on  comfortable streets: By Pushkin, Rishel'evskoy, Lanzheronovskoy and, certainly, Deribasovskoy - by an unique historical and architectural monument. you will meet with the  masterpiece of architecture and architecture - Theatre of opera and ballet, and also historical buildings, the Artistic is located in which, Archaeological, Literary and other museums.  you will be able to be missed on magnificent both in and summer winter, to Sea front, where city Thought, palace of count Vorontsova, is located with a colonnade, monument to the  duke de Rishel'e. A remarkable panorama will confide in your look with a kind on the marine station, port and sea. Here we will acquaint you with the famous Potemkinskoy stairs.  On our excursion bus you will accomplish a walk on old districts and streets of our city.