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Отель Морской / Odessa's mysterious catacombs

Odessa's mysterious catacombs

 Duration: 3h.

In town there is the unique "Odessa subway" Odessa are hundreds of kilometres of underground roads which appeared in the period of building of city 200 years ago, when from  mines a build stone was obtained. The Odessa catacombs are the greatest in the world underground labyrinths, located under Odessa and its environs. History of their origin leaves  in a depth ages: a stone is a shell rock for building here ancient Slavs obtained yet. Today you will be able to visit on an enthralling excursion which is conducted in a small town  Nerubayskoe, not far from Odessa. An experimental tour guide will conduct you on underground labyrinths in which in the period of Great  Patriotic war a partisan staff was  disposed. You will be able to see an underground museum which reminds about glorious exploits people in the war-time.