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Отель Морской / Odessa - city of different religions

Odessa - city of different religions

Duration: 3h.

Odessa always was the city of different religions and nationalities, but, not looking on it different beliefs, religious flows, and also people with different mentality perfectly got along  next door, and it always betrayed Odessa an unique charm and colour. During an excursion it will be told you about birth, elimination and revival of the numerous Odessa temples,  history of the Odessa sacred objects, about creation of modern icon writers and great deal, other great deal. Odessa long time was the center of pilgrimage, anchorman to the  sacred objects of Palestine, Rome, Constantinople, Sinaya, Athos. you will visit the Uspenskom monastery, founded in 1824 The Spiritual seminary is here located, where about  700 seminarians are now taught. You will visit the church of Sainted Maria Magdaliny revived in 1998. And also Muslim mosque, and Jewish synagogue.