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Отель Морской / Rest in Odessa

Rest in Odessa

Arkadiya is “a peace of heaven” as it is translated from Greek language and the most popular resort place in Odessa

From the beginning of the 19th century aristocratic families made these places habitable. The homestead of Vitghenshteyn was the fist one established and in 1818 prince Sergey Volkonskiy bought the homestead “in a wonderful place along the seashore”. Sergey Volkonskiy was a future Decembrist and good friend of Pushkin. Aleksandr Sergeevich was here more then once in summer 1824, just as at cottage of Odessa Greek man Antonio Pheognosti.

Possessions of descendants of noble princely clan of brothers Gagarin was placed on a vast plateau that rose above Arkadiyskiy beaches. The name Gagarinskoe Plateau is preserved till now.

Everyday thousands of people are attracted not only by romantic islands of the past but also amenities of modern Arkadiya. Arkadiya is famous for its beaches, sanatoriums, hotels, restaurants and night clubs.