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Отель Морской / Sauna


Attendance of sauna – is the one of the most pleasant and integral component of healthy life-style. According to your mood you will feel yourself as a Greek god or citizen of marine depths. Greek and marine design of the interior is at your choice.

One sauna is designed in classic ancient Greek manner with original pictures – fresco and other elements that will bring you to ancient Itaka. You will feel yourself an ancient Greek ruler and having stream bath you may order a real Rabelaisian dinner choosing it from the offered menu of the restaurant “City time” or to give a treat to yourself having ordered Mediterranean food from bar “Morskoy” which offers several sorts of draught beer and lots of other drinks.

The second sauna is designed for those who prefer classic to avant-garde. Unusual color decisions in design of interior and reproduction of pictures of Dali will transfer you far away from homeliness to unreal atmosphere during you rest time. Turkish hamam will help you to relax your body perfectly and will grant you the feeling of renovation, fill refreshing liquid and remove all distressing thoughts.

Laying of the hotel and grotesque presentation of dishes will allow to strengthen your feelings. High quality of food and drinks and our hostility remain traditional and classic. Both sauna are equipped by newest devices “Tilo” with elements of Russian bath that is the world leader among producers of equipment for sauna. Floors are equipped with heating, pool is filled with crystal water, rest room, massage couches, TV’s, music centers, system “Karaoke” in each hall will make your rest unforgettable. The price for usage of sauna corresponds our slogan “Inexpensive way to have expensive rest!”